Courses Taught

Leadership in Community Service

This course introduces students to the knowledge, skills, and competencies for responsible service and leadership in diverse communities. This course prepares students for engaged, responsible, and active community involvement and leadership. Adopting a social justice approach, students spend time assessing their positionality and their role in society.

Diversity & Social Justice in Leadership

This course is centered around issues of difference, diversity, social justice, and alliance building. Living in a multicultural society requires us to be aware of, and have discussions about difference, community, and conflict among different social and cultural groups. This course offers a space where students can explore a broad range of social identities. In this course, students gain a perspective on the pluralistic nature of institutions, society, and culture in the United States and across the world in order to become educated, productive, and principled citizens/leaders.

Research Methods & Design in Sport

This course provides an introductory overview of research practices in sport management. Students learn about the philosophical differences between qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research. Topics covered within this course include defining the problem, literature reviews, data collection procedures, data analyses (both qualitative and quantitative), and designing a research proposal.

Human Resource Management in Sport

This course is centered on the management of human resources within sport organizations. Designed from a management perspective, the course is less about the ins and outs of a human resource department and more about sport organizations can better serve the individuals associated with them. This course provides a basic understanding of the nature of paid professional workers, volunteer workers, and clients in sport organizations; individual differences in abilities, values, personality, and motivation; organizational processes of job design, staffing, and performance appraisal; and desired outcomes of job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

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